Tanya Collins

Tanya Collins has been working collaboratively with Sindy Matthews since July 2014 following a meeting where the two women recognised that they had similar value sets and beliefs around health and well-being. Health and well-being hinge on all personal elements of mind, body, spirit and emotions working synchronistically and synergistically: where body incorporates great nutrition and fitness, mind incorporates thoughts and conscious actions, and emotions drive our actions. Spirit includes our own personal philosophy on life and/or greater purpose. If any one of these things is out of balance, it can significantly impact our overall well-being.

Tanya is a Transformational Coach: this means that she works to empower people into the best that they want to be, and helps people take their own brakes off their own journey, even helping people to identify what those brakes might be if they weren’t aware of them before now!

Tanya can help where a person has behaviours or emotional responses that are either holding them back or preventing them from experiencing life in the way they want to, using techniques that were designed to be very gentle and giving long-lasting relief from the original issues, whilst working in a very safe way that requires very little content. (See www.spectrumaffiliates.com).

For example, Tanya has assisted people with eating disorders, addiction (drugs/alcohol/food etc) anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts or behaviours, the emotional impact of sexual abuse, PTSD – in addition to assisting folk with their blocks to business performance (e.g. procrastination, lack of focus, self-sabotage).  Even if you are feeling a bit ‘meh’ and not sure why, we can explore what that is about, deal with it and add some rocket fuel for moving forwards! Coaching into the future is then a truly empowering experience!!

Tanya has a history of working in complex operational environments with complex people. She has spent time in the Prison Service, spending 13 years in total, spanning most operational grades, and leaving the Service as a senior manager in a prison, having reached Acting Deputy Governor in a large West Midlands prison for a spell to cover absence. During these years, Tanya worked not only with managing large function/departments within the prison in operationally demanding roles, but was also responsible for case management of complex prisoner cases relating to active suicidal intent and self-harm.

Out of work, Tanya has a creative heart, loving to play with colour and texture to make artworks which she has exhibited and sold and which now grace walls and homes both nationally and internationally. She also never stops reading and learning, with a slight book addiction that may need some work in the future!

If you want to find out more, drop me a line via Facebook, via the website or by phone – 0772-070-6645. Leave me a message and your number and I will call you back as soon as I am able!  Take care folks!!