About Me

Hola Ho!

I’m Sindy Matthews, Personal Trainer, Spectrum Awareness & NLP Coach, and founder of Smart Health & Fitness.

Boot Camp
Sindy Matthews at Boot Camp!

I’ve been in the fitness industry since 2006. Before that I was overweight, lived for the weekend, ate terribly, and drank like a fish! Good times!!

But it was obvious this lifestyle was NOT doing my health any good. I was 21, had just graduated university with 2:2, and honestly had no idea what was next!

I got a full time job as a Receptionist and started my journey in the corporate world. Yet I never felt I belonged in an office, just felt wrong. I needed to move!

I was also very overweight for my height, closing in on 13 stone. I tried so many different faddy diets I lost count, but still I lived for the weekend! Ultimately I was stressed, working long hours, and going nowhere!

So I joined the gym with my best friend. LOVED it!! Exercise made my soul SING!

I was so inspired by the instructors there that I decided to book myself onto a course and take my Level 2 Exercise to Music module.

Luckily for me I passed, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this bio now! There was no turning back, I knew this was going to be the career for me. But there was more, I needed to learn the art of nutrition and healthy eating. I truly believe my combination of varied workouts and nutritional advice will bring anyone who tries massive lifestyle benefits that can continue for the rest of your life!

My passion in life today is to help people achieve their mental health and wellbeing goals. To be happy, healthy, less stressed and so much more.

I offer more than just fitness classes. I’ll give you my time, honesty and expertise!

I don’t claim to know everything about health and fitness all of the time, but I promise that if I don’t know straight away I WILL find the answer to any questions you have.

Why join Smart Health & Fitness?

  • Flexible membership (ad hoc, monthly, or 10 class flexi pass)
  • FREE Parking
  • Multiple class locations
  • Timetable changes monthly – (it’s so important to vary your training)
  • Learn how to train Smart (you can do it at home!)
  • Be surrounded by friendly, positive and likeminded people
  • Variety! I love change and keeping members on their toes!
  • FUN
  • Get the results you desire
  • Nutritional support (if required)
  • The classes are AWESOME!
  • Spectrum Awareness and NLP Coaching

I like to refer to the Smart Members as my Power Posse! I have bad days, everyone does. But as soon as I get to class and see them, it lights me up inside.

I’m truly blessed to have found a career that I LOVE. I’m so grateful for each new day.

If you would like more energy, to feel healthier and not made to feel unfit and unworthy – Smart Health and Fitness is the Club you want to join.

All Fitness Classes are mixed ability. Modifications and progressions to the exercises enable enable everyone to get a safe and effective workout. Nobody gets left out!