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SMart Online Fitness Session for Free!

Join me via Facebook Live and exercise from your own home for FREE! SMart Online Group Fitness Are you wanting to exercise from home, don’t like the idea of the drive to the gym to faff around with a locker only to realise you forgot your £1 to secure your belongings away? Or just the idea […]

We are having a baby!

Hello SMart followers This morning I wrote an article sharing our news with the SMarties! Here is the link to the article I’d also like to announce that SMart Health and Fitness will feature at the Banbury Show this Sunday at Spiceball Park. Please pop by for a chat. I’ll be sharing the marquee […]

SMart is moving premises!

SMarties are moving premises! From. The 15th April classes and personal training will be at 7th Heaven Cafe in Adderbury. As you can imagine moving all the weights and equipment we have took some work! I’m pleased to announce that it’s all in the studio at 7th Heaven and we are ready to rock and […]


It gives me great pleasure to announce that SMart Health and Fitness are moving to a new premises from the 13th April 2019. The Early SMart Classes 6:30am will take place at Dave Earle’s Spit and Sawdust in Banbury. And the rest will be at 7th Heaven, Adderbury. Due to the change there has been […]

What do you want?

Do you really want it? I don’t know about you, but I often wonder what we all really want? Are we completely clear about what we want? If we are, what are we prepared to do to get what we want? Do you know what I mean?ive always had dreams and ambitions and I am […]

How much of what you think about yourself do you believe?

I hear a lot of clients tell me about their struggles and how they used to be so happy when they exercises, or lost themselves in a hobby and how they have lost their way due to the internal negative natter and the beliefs they have about themselves. I like to remind them that a […]

Buzzing! I must share!

Today I met an amazing crew of people. Let me start from the beginning and explain how I was fortunate to meet these awesome folk.I recently caught up with Dave Earle. If you are from Banbury you will know who Dave Earle is. Anyway, his son (Maxie) works for a charity called The Human Aspeat. What […]

It’s not just a class, it’s a community (Matthew Teller).

Hello SMarties and folk that are thinking they may join our community one day.   Today, I’m writing about SMart and how awesome the energy is in our classes. Some may find clubs and gyms a cliche. You may find this about SMart as in theory, we are a fitness group who meet 5/6 times […]

SMart Membership – PRICE CUTS

Hola Ho! As you may know, new data protection regulations mean that from 25th May 2018 I will not be able to contact you about our activities unless you opt-in to our new mailing list. If you want to continue to hear from me you don’t need to do a thing. If you want to […]