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Are you wanting to exercise from home, don’t like the idea of the drive to the gym to faff around with a locker only to realise you forgot your £1 to secure your belongings away? Or just the idea of a gym makes you anxious 😟 

I have a solution for you! 

Join me via Facebook Live for your classes!

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Prefer 1-2-1 personal training? 

We can work together to discuss an affordable plan that works for you.

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We are having a baby!

Hello SMart followers

This morning I wrote an article sharing our news with the SMarties! Here is the link to the article http://eepurl.com/gt2Bov

I’d also like to announce that SMart Health and Fitness will feature at the Banbury Show this Sunday at Spiceball Park. Please pop by for a chat.

I’ll be sharing the marquee with some awesome fitness professionals and coaches who are armed with awesomeness and the tools to encourage you to live a great and fulfilled lifestyle. See you there!

Having a baby too? Or know a lady who is? Let them know of the SMart Mum and Baby classes that she can come to after the birth and the 6 week health check is all clear.

Have a super epic day!


SMart is moving premises!

SMarties are moving premises! From. The 15th April
classes and personal training will be at 7th Heaven Cafe
in Adderbury. As you can imagine moving all the weights and equipment we have took some work! I’m pleased to
announce that it’s all in the studio at 7th Heaven and we
are ready to rock and roll.
for more information on the SMart Mum and other
classes to PT please click the link or alternatively contact me SindyMatthews.co.uk

Id like to tell you about an event that Wendy Fell
(owner of Gymdodgers) ran last Tuesday. Wendy has a
passion to help and encourage people to love and accept
themselves. We have worked together in the past and this worked very well. She invited me to speak in front of 70
women. I decided in my delivery to talk about a few of the people I follow on social media, share books that I have
read or listened to and talked about my struggles and how I have overcome them using Spectrum Coaching and
consistent self care.
i was absolutely buzzing from it! The event was called
Shine. If you’d like to see some of it I had it filmed. Do let me know if you’d like to see this and I’ll add you to view it
SMart Outdoor POP Up Classes 6:30am
Do you like to train outside for 30 minutes before work?
Let me know! I will let you confirm the night before if a
class in on. It will usually be at Hanwell Fields Cricket
Pitch. These pop up classes will usually be on Wednesday or Friday’s £5.80 per class or a SMart Flexi card is £45 for a block of 10 pop up classes!
Working in collaboration with 7th Heaven Cafe


It gives me great pleasure to announce that SMart Health and Fitness are moving to a new premises from the 13th April 2019. The Early SMart Classes 6:30am will take place at Dave Earle’s Spit and Sawdust in Banbury. And the rest will be at 7th Heaven, Adderbury. Due to the change there has been a slight increase in the monthly membership by just £1.50. It is now £28.50 for unlimited classes and the pay as you go classes are now £5.80.

I will miss 47F Broad Street as it is a beautiful studio, with a great energy and a great view of Banbury. However, this positive energy is portable and I feel really excited to be working with Jon and Carmen who run 7th Heaven Cafe. Big news! Natasha Medlin will also be moving her Pole Fitness Classes to 7th Heaven along with her sports massage business. As you can imagine, we are all really excited and can’t wait to get going!!!

Watch this space, there will be a free open day soon where you can try all of these amazing new classes.

To see the class schedule and book yourself some Spectrum Coaching, Personal Training or fitness classes just hit this link SindyMatthews.co.uk

As you drive towards the cafe you’ll see a golf course and if your lucky, deer roaming the fields. The studio is next to the cafe, so you can workout then stop for a healthy lunch!

What do you want?

Do you really want it?

I don’t know about you, but I often wonder what we all really want? Are we completely clear about what we want? If we are, what are we prepared to do to get what we want? Do you know what I mean?
ive always had dreams and ambitions and I am very fortunate to have fulfilled my accomplishments thus far. I now have a bigger dream. To open a Creative, Health and Wellbeing Centre in Banbury with some awesome creative, health and well-being professionals. One of the biggest set backs for me is money. The second would be what if I am in over my head and end up getting massively overwhelmed and consumed by the worry and stress of it all. 
So I asked myself this question. What do I want, and do I really want it?
Ask yourself, what do you want, and do you really want it? It’s really important to be crystal clear about what you want. Do you want to leave your job, move house, find love, get a new pet? It doesn’t matter how big or how small. 
The point I’m trying to make here is this. If you believe that you can or believe that you can’t your most probably right. What you believe if crucial. 
We have all convinced ourselves of something or other in the past. Think of something now.
In blue pen write down what you want.
In red pen write down what is holding you back and keeping you from pursuing it.
In green pen write down what compassionate, kind and motivating advice you would give to someone else in this exact same situation. 

Feel free to respond and and let me know what you came up with.
Have a super day!
Other things that I do:
Awareness and Emotional Coaching – removing negative emotional blocks that stop people from moving forward.
Fitness classes
Personal Training and small groups.
Classes for Mum’s to bring babies 6 weeks to 12 months.

How much of what you think about yourself do you believe?

I hear a lot of clients tell me about their struggles and how they used to be so happy when they exercises, or lost themselves in a hobby and how they have lost their way due to the internal negative natter and the beliefs they have about themselves. I like to remind them that a thought cannot be seen, touch, tasted or smelt. That a thought has no texture, flavour or scent. Its therefore not factual or even real. If these thoughts are not serving you well, the answer your looking for is to let it go and change what you believe about yourself to a positive belief that will serve you well and allow you to remove the emotional blocks that are holding you back from what you want in life.

I promised never to diet again and I have never felt as free as I do now. I have put on weight, this is the best thing that has happened to me. I now know how my body looks and how its responds to the lifestyle that brings me joy. I have a body that works for me and allows me to carry out what I love everyday.

I exercise to release the happy hormones now and not through punishment for eating something that wasn’t on my meal planner. I have an idea about what food I want to eat in a day. In fact when I took a step back I realised that I actually crave healthy food over processed food. Because these natural foods are already in there own packaging. Banana is already in a wrapper that is biodegradable, apples, oranges to name a few. Vegetables also are wrapped up and all you need to do is give them a quick wash! Hey presto! Fast Food!!! Oh and saving the planet from less waste. Winner!

I will never fall victim to a quick fix again. It’s taken me until my 39th year to get that light bulb moment. I truly hope it doesn’t take you as long.

As humans we want accountability, we crave connection and someone we can check in with. You can have this, please don’t go for a quick fix like a tea tox or a laxative or diet pill weight loss scam. This will only make you feel even more shame when you have a ‘oh shit i just smashed a packed of biscuits binge’.

Please talk to someone. If not me, a friend that you know will listen.

Enjoy relaxing and being more present. Let go of your addiction to shame.

Buzzing! I must share!

Today I met an amazing crew of people. Let me start from the beginning and explain how I was fortunate to meet these awesome folk.
I recently caught up with Dave Earle. If you are from Banbury you will know who Dave Earle is. Anyway, his son (Maxie) works for a charity called The Human Aspeat. 
What do The Human Aspect do?
They travel the world filming people who have inspiring stories of struggle and how they have got through it. 
Recently I have shared some very personal and honest stories about my life because I want to help people who are having the same or similar struggles. Dave Earle had seen the post and invited me along to be filmed so I could share this on social media.
I loved it! I thought I’d feel anxious (new people, on my own, what if i bore them). I knew that this was the internal fear trying to get a latch on. I decided to relax and go with it. It worked and I now feel pretty epic! Not only from sharing my storie. From meeting Jimmy Westerheim (founder of The Human Aspect).  I was fortunate to spend a fair few hours with Jimmy and Maxie and share even more stories and personal views.
The work they are doing is inspiring and heart felt. 
If you are interested in looking at their Facebook page, please click this link and like their page. They are not for profit. So if you believe in the power of their work as I do, feel free to add a donation too. 

This is the book Jimmy wrote in and handed to me after the filming.

My life’s toughest challenge.

Guess who!!! Yeap, that was me. Obsessed about food, always thinking about my next meal, never wanted sex, felt too exhausted and disgusted with myself, addicted to food, exercise, took drugs to prevent hunger, had meltdowns when invited to a meal or at a restaurant, missed out on special occasions, never stopped working, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, no sense of humour, said horrible things to loved ones and put a face on for everyone else!!!
Was I happy? Fuck no!!!
I am now, don’t get me wrong I still have those days when I want to relapse. Then i remember how grateful I am to be alive and how I can influence other people who maybe don’t think they can ask for help because it makes them weak or a drain. Sound familiar?  I’ll keep posting. I’ll keep sharing in the hope that this touches somebody.

Taken December 2018
How did I overcome this challenge?
I spoke to Tanya Collin ( Creating Core Change – Spectrum Awareness Coach). 
I read books about people who had this struggle and got through it.
I changed what i followed on social media platforms.
I surrounded myself with likeminded and positive people.
I made a choice to live and not just exist. 
I am grateful and aware.
I meditate, walk, bake, journal, have a good bedtime routine, exercise for pleasure, eat when I’m hungry, do a jigsaw puzzle, listen to music, power pose and more than anything I can now just be my truth, 100% organically me.

Upcoming events

As mentioned above, Wendy Fell has invited me along to speak at this awesome event. I would love for you to join us for an evening of storie telling and empowerment. You shall walk away feeling empowered, inspired and ready to make positive shifts in your lives.

It’s not just a class, it’s a community (Matthew Teller).

Hello SMarties and folk that are thinking they may join our community one day.


Today, I’m writing about SMart and how awesome the energy is in our classes. Some may find clubs and gyms a cliche. You may find this about SMart as in theory, we are a fitness group who meet 5/6 times a week to train together and have our banter together. I like to refer to the SMart members as many things …haha SMarties mainly, I also think of them as the Power Posse.

If you like the sound of mixed ability classes that are non-judgmental, funny and have the friendly vibe, come and try some sessions with us. To quote Matthew Teller (who is a clever SMartie) It’s not just a class, it’s a community. The energy is always honest and we always finish on a high.

Body Positive Power

I’m not much of a reader. However, I love to listen to an audio book while i’m walking It lifts my spirits and sets me up to have a day driven by positivity and love for myself and others.

I’m currently listening to Body Positive Power by Megan Jayne Crabbe. I’ve listened to many books to improve my body, health etc… this book is different and also thought provoking. Megan has really researched this topic and her book has helped me to accept that I’ll never be that rock solid fitness model the media tell us is so easy to achieve if we live on a ketogenic diet and train like an athlete…because we all have the same genetics right? WRONG!!!

Honestly, if you have got to the end of your rope worrying and spending time obsessing over your body, then this book is for you. It’s the reassurance to be apologetically your true self. No more battles…

If you’d like to chat with me about this subject, I’d love to…Its something I allowed myself to fall victim of for many years and still do on low and hormonal days. We all experience this in some shape or form. It’s how we then choose to respond to this unhelpful way of thinking that matters.

Have a great day y’all

Be your true self and don’t apologise for being who you are. The only moment that matters is now. Right now!!!

SMart Membership – PRICE CUTS

Hola Ho!
As you may know, new data protection regulations mean that from 25th May 2018 I will not be able to contact you about our activities unless you opt-in to our new mailing list.

If you want to continue to hear from me you don’t need to do a thing.

If you want to unsubscribe scroll to the bottom of this email a click

As always, you can unsubscribe at any time.
I won’t ever share your details with anyone else.

SMart Membership Price Cut!

Monthly membership is now £27.50!!! (This does not include Pilates & Meditation Courses).

For Personal Training

£250 for 10
£150 for 5
£35 for 1
£55 for 2 session a month (including all classes).

Sports Massage

I’d like to welcome Natasha (Destiny Fitness) to SMart Health & Fitness Studio. Natasha is a Sports Massage therapist and also a qualified Pole Fitness Instructor. Natasha is available now for booking massages. Here is the link to her website and booking system https://destinysportsmassage.as.me/.

I’d also like to welcome Sarah Baron who is using the Studio to teach Yoga which begins tonight at 19:30. This is not part of your SMart membership. If you’d like to contact Sarah, do let me know and I’ll connect you.

Fitness Pilates and Meditation Course begins June 2018 18:00-19:00 – just £35. We are a mixed ability class. I don’t take large groups. Spaces are limited.

Spectrum Awareness Workshop 18:00-20:30 Tuesday 29th May.
Feeling stuck? Going around in circles? Come along and learn now how to let go of the negative emotions driving that unwanted behaviours which will then allow you to go out into the future and live the life you so truly desire. This is a FREE event.

If you’d like to book onto any of these events, please respond to this email or contact me 07736309921 or via Facebook, WhatsApp or email smart@sindymatthews.co.uk

Have an awesome day!
Sindy Matthews
SMart Health & Fitness