It has been over a week since my last Blog…I can sit here and explain, but I think you all know…I had been swept of my feet by 11 gorgeous Keiser Spin bikes and also the venue in which the bikes are now being stored (The Red Room of Pain). BUT! I don’t want to call it that. So – SMart Spin Studios is born. I’m BUZZING as I am bashing away on the keyboard!!! Heart is pumping!!!

Important reminders…NEW timetable for June. Please book on and if you need to cancel, contact me direct. I had 3 spare bikes on Thursday and a waiting list. Think of your fellow SMarties. Remember, as a SMartie we are always helping and supporting each other. That’s how we roll ūüôā

Next Friday 10th – NO BOOT CAMP

Next Saturday 11th – NO BLAST

Mike and I are going to a wedding in Lincolnshire.

The National Herb Centre has another Exhibition at the end of the month and a couple of bookings where we cannot access the space.

We shall us Drayton Village Hall for these classes or Spin – if that is what the majority would like that.

I’d love to hear from you!


Suspension Training Рyou may know and have heard of this as TRX. Here is a clip for you to see


Also – do you want to try aerobics? Next Thursday before Spin you are invited to a free class to try this out. 6:30pm.

I have another exciting thing to tell you….but I must wait…all I can say is….I think I might burst!!!

Please feel free to share and tell people about all of this and lets help people improve their mood with great company, banging tunes and fitness.


Eat clean and train SMart


Your more than just a dress size!

Kick Starters & SMarties

We all have days when we look in the mirror and¬†don’t feel completely happy with what we see.

For some that might be occasional and for others that might be daily and more than once a day.

What can we do???? How can we turn that feeling around???

Well apart from following a great healthy eating plan like here are my thoughts

1. You are more than just your dress size

2. Your body has maybe done amazing things like give birth, recover from illness, it has seen you to this stage

3. You are loved for more than what you look like

4. Dont compare yourself to others, especially the ones in magazines as generally they have been airbrushed to within an inch of their lives!

5. Try to live as healthy a life as possible, eating well and exercising, do the best that you can and your body will thank you for it

If you constantly feel unhappy with how you look and feel, it can be turned around, talk to me about how I can help you be the best version of you that you can be!

I’m offering 1-2-1 online coaching now. But if you are local I can meet you once a week. If you would like more info – reply to me and I will explain what is involved.

It’s Sunday!!!


Batch cook!

See you at HIIT 6:15amSt Francis Church – BOING!!!! We are using the TRAMPOLINE!!!! Wanna BOOK? HERE

Sind xxx

KSFL & SMart Health & Fitness Coach 

When I broke my ankle….


I tripped down a flight of stairs, drunk, wearing my mates chunky platform boots. Landed on my ankle and SNAP!!! I’m glad I was drunk as I reckon the pain would have been unbearable.


I was removed from the Rock Club in Sheffield early hours of March 8th 2013. It was snowing…..


Alone, no coat and struggling to stand, I crawl into a nearby doorway and vomit!!! I’d gone into shock.


Luckily I had my mobile phone in my hand and called my friend who was still inside..


Next thing I know I’m in Sheffield A&E, in a wheel chair and looking like a sack of s7*t!


So…there you have it. Not a heroic story. I’m human and have made mistakes. Loads of them!


As I woke in A&E the first thing that popped into my head was ‚Äėhow the hell am I going to teach my classes?!!!‚Äô


A so called friend of mine said to me ‚Äėprepare to put on a lot of weight as you aren‚Äôt going anywhere and you certainly won‚Äôt be able to exercise or teach‚Äô.


Well, she was wrong!!! Rather than feel sorry for myself, I spoke to a friend who fell, broke his back when rock climbing. He inspired me to carry on training. Which is exactly what I did.


I brought myself a pull up bar and set myself a goal to train every morning. All my training was body weight as cycling, running anything where I had to stand was a huge NO!!!


I carried on teaching from a wheel chair too.


I was reminded by the physio that the muscles in my broken leg would go all flabby due to lack of use. So here is what I did….


Seated and lying leg raises

Pull ups

Press ups

Tricep press ups

Seated Body Combat



Some days – I just couldn’t face training. The hardest part wasn‚Äôt the training though, it was the effect this situation had on my emotions. I became obsessed with counting calories and I dropped about 3 stone in weight. I was terrified that I would get fat and loose my fitness.

NOTE: this is not the way to do it. I learnt a very hard lesson going through this.

Stay positive, never give up and KEEP MOVING!!!

if you are struggling and want to know more, reply below. I can offer a sympathetic ear.

You can do it, your the only one holding yourself back. If your passionate about feeling better, do the best you can do, every day of your life.

SMart Health & Fitness

Welcome to SMart Health & Fitness!

web logo 6

Do you wish you could get fit or lose weight? Maybe you promise yourself you’ll spend more time in the gym and less time on the couch? Or do you have an office job that gives you bad back from hours hunched over a computer screen. Whatever your reason, whatever your goal, whatever your fitness level, SMart is here to help.

I offer a variety of different exercise sessions in numerous locations in and around Banbury. Group classes are fun, motivational and effective.

The schedule changes regularly, so if one month you can’t attend a class, the next you will! I am flexible and listen to my members, if something is popular I will make it more¬†accessible.

Not sure about exercising in a group? Meet up with me for an informal chat and we can see if personal training suits you better.

I also offer online coaching and nutritional guidance via Kick Start Fat Loss.

Costs are flexible too! You can either pay for each class as you go, sign up for a monthly membership, or purchase a flexi-membership which gives you 10 classes to use within 3 months.

Blog 3


KSFL Annual Conference 2015

On Sunday 8th November¬†Mum and I went to the KSFL annual conference to catch up with Rachel Holmes and the rest of the KSFL Franchisees. We were spoilt rotten as¬†we listened to Phil Richards talk about his new book KHIIT which is out in three weeks time. In his presentation he also talked about his last book ‘The Science of Fat Loss’. This is such an amazing book. It has been written in a way that we can all understand and doesn’t drown on about overly scientific guff that nobody understands. He talked about cholesterol, mercury fillings, the thyroid, testoserone, cortisol, growth hormone, oestrogen….my word this guy knows his stuff, and he¬†doesn’t have a university degree. He has trained some well know athletes such as Amir Khan.

There were two topics¬†he covered¬†that stuck in my head. Firstly,¬†was when he talked about what the scales say. When he was training Amir Khan – Amir never put on 1lb but his body fat %¬†changed. ¬†As it was a fight that Phil was training Amir for,¬†Amir’s weight was not allowed to change.

Do we still feel that the scales are relevant?? They measure nothing. All the scales do is send us on an emotional roller coaster. Phil added the one thing we should all go by is out energy.

The second was about being happy, positive and reducing our levels of stress. If you’re trying to burn fat and your cortisol levels are through the roof, then it doesn’t matter what you’re doing with regards to exercise and nutrition (especially in women). You’ll be stressing your body even more and the fight against fat loss is LOST! The good news is that we can remedy this, if we really want to.

Change your thoughts, you will change your life.¬† Nobody can decide what your thoughts are but you. If you want to be happy, then practice being happy. It sounds so simple. I realise that this can be so hard. Some days you are just low. Or comfortably numb as a good friend once put it. You are in the driving seat folks – this is your life.¬† Over the next few weeks I will be sharing the knowledge I have from Phil’s book with my KSFL group.

Please try and come to the KSFL club on Wednesday nights for the talk and also the workout and some food.  I would like to share my knowledge with you all.

Sind xxx



KSFL Weekly Newsletter

Good Morning!!

Another bank holiday is upon us! And, you know what else is GREAT! Summer has now arrived. Now I know that some of you enjoy a pizza, curry or a pudding as your cheat meal. But, I also know that a fair few of you do love a tipple… So this is for you and some interesting facts on drinking alcohol.

Can I have a drink & not ruin my KSFL Lifestyle??

It’s a sunny weekend on the cards so the temptation of a few drinks this weekend, will be hard for many to resist.
But, if you have been trying so hard this week & feeling good & positive with your KSFL Lifestyle
It is worth taking a minute to see how far you have come before, you sabotage all of your efforts on a boozy weekend.
Not wanting to be a kill joy and all that…..
I’m arming you with the Alcohol & Fatburning facts.
The Science.
The effect of alcohol on fat storage is verysimilar to that of carbs: by suppressing fat oxidation, it enablesdietary fats to be stored with ease. However, while conversion of carbs to fat may occur once glycogen stores are saturated, DNL viaalcohol consumption seems less likely.

In a nutshell,if you want to maintain a lean body avoiding alcohol is a good choice.
It’s not just the added calories (alcohol offers seven calories pergram compared to carbs & protein, which contain four each).
Alcohol affects metabolism because when you drink it, and body puts all other metabolic processes on hold until it has
processed the alcohol.

Quick Facts

Those extra calories have to be burned immediately, putting on hold everything else.
The body can’t store alcohol, so it has to use it up first. All the other metabolic processes- i.e. the metabolising of fat and glucose- have to be put on hold while the body gets rid of the alcohol.

Alcohol turns off fat burning at the cellular level

And according to Dr. Gil Wilshire, head of the prestigious non-profit organisation the Carb Aware Council in Washington, D.C.,

Beware of Drinking after KSFL Detox

After you have completed the KSFL Elimination I wouldn’t encourage you to go on a huge bender unless you want the hangover from hell for at least 3 days.
Your body is clean & will treat the alcohol as a poison potentially making you vomit and worse!

Is It Worth it???

Go easy and tread carefully.

Remember alcohol makes you lose your inhibitions & you might not need much encouraging to hit the chip shop, kebab shop or 24 hour Asda for god knows what else.

Important dates!

St Francis Car Boot 24th May 2014 (Saturday) I will be at Body Combat first!!

Bodicote Car Boot 26th May 2014 (Bank Holiday Monday)

Fitness & Wellness Workshop 31st May 2014 (Saturday)

Banbury Show – 8th June 2014 (Sunday)


I am teaching FREE classes at Energie Fitness Club in Grimsbury starting on Monday’s 6-7pm. The class is called Beat Box. Some of you may have attended the class before. It is a boxing class using focus pads and boxing gloves. Want to see more

On the 4th June I am giving a FREE KSFL Taster session. This is so exciting! Details below:

9:30am Ex Servicemans Village Hall, Bloxham

These are KSFL Express sessions that consist of a weigh in and a 30 min talk on nutrition, fitness and motivation. There won’t be any exercise session as the HIIT workouts can be done from the comfort of your own home. These sessions are for those that can’t make it to the evening session due to shift patterns or for Mum’s that can’t get a baby sitter etc…. If you know of anyone that would benefit from this please share the info with them. The first session is completely FREE!!

COMING SOON – KSFL 9:30 -10:30 Energie

Fitness Club Fitness Pilates Express 12:30 – 13:15 Begins Tuesday 10th June. Energie

If you can get 4 friends to come to the workshop on the 31st May, your ticket is FREE!!!

That’s all this week team!
Eat clean & train smart
Sind xxx

KSFL News!!!

Good Morning!!I am writing this and the sun is shining brightly through my window. I don’t to shut the curtain, but it’s glaring on my laptop screen and I cannot see a thing.¬†Hahaha!

Not sure if I have mentioned this but KSFL was in the paper last Thursday (Page 22). Did you see it? It was a wonderfully, honest article written by the lovely Hanna from the Banbury Guardian. Thanks Hanna for taking on the 7 day elimination challenge. Your results were just fantastic and your positive attitude throughout was amazing!!

This week I would like to talk about fat in our diets. For years many of us have avoided fat, because we thought if we ate it then logically we would end up fat. But this is not the case. Remember, any processed food that has had fa removed (fat free) is loaded with sugar or even worse sweeteners.
So, why should we eat fat in our diets? First thing I need to explain here, on KSFL the fats you are eating are all good fats. Some fats are more harmful but seeds, nuts, avocados to name a few are great sources of fat (in moderation). Don’t be fooled, if you are sat at your desk 9-5 snacking on nuts all day, think again!! Yes you can eat nuts, but not 200g!! That’s just too much fat and you will probably spend the rest of your day sat on the loo.
Our bodies need fat to function. Low fat products in supermarkets create high insulin load to your blood sugar levels. As I have mentioned above, to eliminate something from a recipe, requires something else being included to replace it. LOW FAT OFTEN MEANS HIGH SUGAR! Sugar creates fat.
Fats to be avoided are: vegetable oil, chocolate bars, cheap cheese, non grass fed meat, microwave meals, chips, deep fried breaded food etc…
Fat supresses (reduces and slows) the effects of insulin. The majority of our brain tissue is made up of fat. We are often scared of the word fat because the intention is to lose fat. In reality, you need to eat good fats to lose fat.
KSFL recommends a mixture of good fats because they lower cholesterol and improve the function of your heart.
Good forms of fat: avocados, nuts, coconut oil (used in cooking), omega 3 (found mostly in fish) and flaxseeds.

Recipe time

Quinoa Carbonara

Serves 2

1/2 cup dried quinoa
Low sodium stock
Lean bacon x3 rashers
1/2 red onion
1/2 a ripe avocado
Lemon juice
Salt & pepper


Cook the quinoa as instructed on the packet with the low sodium stock. Meanwhile – fry the onion in some coconut oil for a couple of mins, then add the chopped up lean bacon. Set on a low heat while you make the sauce.

Scoop out 1/2 of the flesh from the avocado into a blender/mixer, add a splash of lemon juice and some water (enough so that the mixture is creamy like a sauce). Feel free to season with herbs or spices, whichever you would prefer. Season with salt and pepper. Taste.

Once the quinoa is ready, mix the sauce, bacon and onion together. This will look green, but tastes amazing!! To bulk it out why not add some peas. It actually reminded me of risotto another one of my old favorites when I used to eat WHITE CARBS!!

Important dates!

Fitness & Wellness Workshop 31st May 2014 (Saturday)

This is the 2nd Fitness Workshop we have ran in Banbury. The first was a great success and now by popular demand we are running another one. There will be a variety of fitness and dance classes that you can come along and try. Taught by some of the best Instructors Banbury has to offer. Also included in the day is a FREE Kick Start Fat Loss (KSFL) taster session where you can find out how the KSFL members are getting on with their new lifestyle and maintaining those fat loss figures! Tickets are £20 for the whole day or £10 for 2 classes. If you would prefer just to attend one session of the day £7.50. There will be lots of other interesting bits and bobs happening throughout the day.
Also Рif you fancy a beauty treatment Debra Page is offering 20 minute sessions for £10. Let me know if you are interested as we will need to book you a slot and request a £5 deposit to secure the booking.
Don’t miss out – tickets will go very fast. To book email or call 077363 09921
Banbury Show – 8th June 2014 (Sunday)

FREE STUFF!I am teaching FREE classes at Energie Fitness Club in Grimsbury starting on Monday 19th 6-7pm. The class is called Beat Box. Some of you may have attended the class before. It is a boxing class using focus pads and boxing gloves. Want to see more

On the 4th June, I am giving a FREE KSFL Taster session. This is so exciting! Details below:

9:30am Ex Servicemans Village Hall, Bloxham

These are KSFL Express sessions that consist of a weigh in and a 30 min talk on nutrition, fitness and motivation. There won’t be any exercise session as the HIIT workouts¬†can be done from the comfort of your own home. These sessions are for those that can’t make it to the evening session due to shift patterns or for Mum’s that can’t get a baby sitter etc…. If you know of anyone that would benefit from this please share the info with them. The first session is completely FREE!!

COMING SOON – KSFL 9:30 -10:30 Energie Fitness Club, and

Fitness Pilates Express 12:30-13:15 Energie Fitness Club
Eat clean and train smart
Mobile: 077363 09921

Twitter: @SindyMatthews3
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