Do you suffer with anxiety and stress?

Do you or someone you know suffer with anxiety and stress?

I’m launching this new 8 week mindful movement and meditation course in January. Every Tuesday evening 7pm.

Each class consists of gentle movement and meditation to leave you feeling positive and empowered.

You’ll leave the session feeling amazing and the next day awake with a positive mantra in your mind, instead of the 40-60 negative thoughts that usually pollute your brain.

The course is £45 but there is an early bird offer of £40 if you book on before the 1st December. There are only 8 spaces left on this course.

If you would like one, please contact me via email or reach me on Facebook.

I look forward to meeting you in 2017.


Don’t quit!

We all go through it. Times when we slip up, and then again, and maybe again
and then we think oh fgs, I might as well just throw in the towel, I’m never gonna manage it!

But STOP!!!!!

Time to refocus, regroup and stop beating yourself up.

Watch this video from KSFL creator Rachel Holmes and hopefully you’ll be more kind to yourself, more objective, and keep going.

Do you need 1-2-1 nutritional support?

I work with you for 4 weeks, writing out a personal meal plan once I have found out your like, dislikes, allergies and how your lifestyle is currently

I am able to tailor the meal plan to fit into your life and still enable you to eat out and enjoy a drink if thats what you like to do

With a daily check in and a weekly 30 minute coaching call we can quickly identify any foods that are impacting on you hormonally or zapping your energy

We can also look at triggers that make you “fall off the wagon” to make it so much easy to just get back on it!

I have just one place left in November,  if you would like to be considered for a place, drop me an email back and we can have a chat, this will be the last coaching I do before Xmas

Please get in touch if you would like some help.

Eat clean and train your brain SMart

Sindy Matthews, Fitness and wellness Coach

How to deal with stress and anxiety

How to reduce anxiety and stress.

There are so many daily practices we can put into place to help us reduce anxiety and stress. But because there are so many, this can cause even more stress and anxiety when it comes to deciding which approach is going to resonate and work.

So, take time now to think of what triggers your unwanted behaviour.

For example, I need to answer this email…..but I don’t want to….I’m hungry….I’m bored….I’ll make a cuppa….hmmmm I’ll just have a nibble on a biscuit while the kettle boils……really don’t want to write this email….I might write a terrible response….I’ll have another biscuit….kettle is taking ages to boil….. The above is irrational thinking.

Your mind has been taken over by the child in you/your evil twin or your ego. You can name this part of your brain however you wish. The rational you will be thinking…I’m going to make a cuppa, while the kettle boils I’ll pop some washing on or go to the loo. When I have made my cuppa, I’ll sit and draft the email, check it and hit send. Then I’ll feel better about it. Or something along those lines.

Does this sound familiar?

If you would like some help in managing your mindset, come along to Balance on Wednesday evenings 7pm. Each week will be different. Some light movement, meditation, education and tools you can use to help you be more present. Your mental practice is more important that sweating it out in the gym!! Free your mind and the rest will follow.

I’m not a therapist, but I live each day practicing to be a better version of myself. I would like to help and share with you. Are you ready to do some work? See you on Wednesday 7pm at SMart Health and Fitness Studio.

Would you like more info? Respond to this email or forward to someone in need of support.

Eat clean and train your brain SMart

Sindy Matthews, Fitness and Wellness Coach,

47 F Broad Street, BANBURY, OX16 5BT

I’m off on my jolly’s!!!

Hola Ho!

I’m taking some time out….don’t worry I’m okay! 

But some classes are not on due to my absence of leave.  Apologises in advance for any inconvenience caused. So here it is:

Thursday 27th October
6:15am HIIT as normal!!!


28th October
6:40am NO CLASS 
1:30pm NO 10/10/10

29th October

31st October
6:15am NO FIGHT FX

1st November
Businesses as usual !!!

I’ll miss you, probably more than you miss me!!!

Then we have a Christmas season to get ready for!!! How exciting!!!

REMINDER!!! Next KSFL gathering is this Wednesday 7pm.
Please feel free to bring friends, family and colleagues along and also some food to share. Really try to make an effort to be there as these meetings are extremely helpful as you know.

The next one will be a social gathering on a Friday 25th November. Where I will recommend a survival method to get through the beige buffets during the Christmas holidays!!!

Eat Clean, Train SMart



Fat loss and exercise

There are 3, (the magic number) phases to deliver the right nutrient mixture at the right time to enhance recovery from exercise and to improve muscle growth, strength and powder.
Energy Phase:
 Ensure you have enough available energy (FOOD) to power your workouts and these can come from all three macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates).
Anabolic Phase:
 0 – 45 minute window after a workout; with right combination of nutrients initiates repair of damaged muscle protein. If you already have a lean body fat% have a combination of protein, carbs, glutamine and creatine, while if you’re trying to achieve fat loss just go with amino acids. For example protein.
Growth & Recovery Phase:
 From the end of the anabolic phase to the beginning of the next workout, being really smart with quality of meals and lifestyle choices.
Avoid snacking between meals if you want fat loss, but if you are a competitive athlete happy with your body fat% then snack between meals.

How stressed are you?

Do You Know About Cortisol?

It is the fat storing and stress hormone and if your Adrenal glands are producing excess cortisol you will see the stubborn fat increase around your belly. Unless you address lowering your Cortisol your mid section will only get thicker.

Are You None Res-ponder To Exercise and Diet?
If your body is producing huge amounts of cortisol there is no chance you can lose body fat no matter how much exercise you do or how little you eat.

If  you are Over 35 and your Belly Fat is getting thicker then your body could be producing chronic amounts of the hormone Cortisol.

What is Cortisol?


**** Exercising more and eating less makes the body
create MORE cortisol so the vicious cycle continues.

What Happens If You Have High Cortisol?
This is the scary one and can be serious to your long term health.

Not only do you store fat around the mid section.

But if there are sustained high levels of Cortisol in the blood this can lead to Type 2 Diabetes, Inflammation, ormonal Problems, Fertility Issues, PCOS, Thyroid, Hashimotos, and Adrenal fatigue may be a factor in many related conditions, including fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue syndrome,
arthritis, premature menopause and others.

It may also produce a host of other unpleasant symptoms, from acne to hair loss****** It’s not good.

How Do You Lower Cortisol?
Reduce the stresses on your body for a start, looking at your sleep and day to day life.

Do you want to take  stress test?

Hit reply and let me know.

Eat Clean, Train SMart


PS – We have space on our Fitness Event Sunday 16th October!! Do you want to feel inspired? Try some taster session in Studio Cycling, Pilates, Fight FX, TRX and Yoga? Want to know more about acupuncture and sports massage and also get some free food, recipes and fall in love with food again?


REPLY to book on today!


Feeling guilty every time you eat?

Do you feel guilty every time you eat?

Some people are so regimented by the food they eat that even if they have the slightest nibble on something that isn’t on their plan…they feel guilty and that they have messed up! This would sometimes encourage a binge or the opposite.

Here is a few questions for you…

What are your goals? Just think of one for now.
Do you want to be healthy?
Do you want to be happy?
Do you want more energy?

If you go around everyday letting food dictate your life then this is not living….it will grind you down, make you verbally bash yourself with negative dialogue, you’ll be irritable, rude to people and people will avoid you.

Generally, the clients that come to me for help want to lose a bit of body fat and feel healthier. So, how can you get yourself out of this negative storm that’s firing off and seems to take up all of your time and energy?

What are you passionate about? Try putting your energy to something that will:

  1. Make your soul sing
  2. Take your mind of eating
  3. Benefit you and remove the unwanted behavior/thoughts.

These are just thoughts which you are able to change. Only you! No body else can do this for you.

It can be difficult when your tired…but if you truly want happiness…you must work at it. Practice it everyday as you would brush your teeth or take a shower.

If you need support, join me every Friday evening in September.
Here is a link to the Facebook page for all the latest NEWs. KSFL LIVE meeting this Friday 6:30pm at SMart Health and Fitness Studio.

If you’d like to find out more, respond to this post and I will happily answer any questions you may have.

Warm wishes

Sindy Matthews

This week…Also The Clean Curry Night…

Kick Starters & SMarties

How was our weekend?

Well…my weekend was just amazing! Huge shout out and thanks to:

Michael Dale – Chef, poster design, technical expert
Geraldine Pinto – Chef, poster design, interior designer
Jan Splcer – Chef, raffle prize collector
Rachael Willson – Chef and KSFL Success Story!
David (Rachael’s Husband to be) – Chef and dishwaster challenger!
Shirley Matthews (Mum) – Chef
Mike Matthews (My Hubby) – For never walking out
Naomi Perkins – Bar
Roxy Colmer – Raffle tickets and just amazing supporter

If it wasn’t for these amazing souls – Saturday night wouldn’t have happened. We launched our very own KSFL Clean Curry Night to raise money for BYHP.

Everything ran beautifully and for our first event I believe this was just spot on.
No quarrel, no stress…the KSFL and SMart team just helped and supported each other and got the job done!

I would just like to express my gratitude to all of them. The food was gourmet! The guests LOVED the three courses and gave me some amazing feedback.

We are already in talks about our next KSFL event. Don’t worry if you missed this one (you did miss out on a real treat) we have so many other events in the pipeline.

This week – REMINDERS

Tuesday Spin 7pm National Herb Centre – please book on here 

Wednesday KSFL LIVE with Rachel Holmes 7pm Naomi’s Cafe : –

  • Free food
  • Talk from Rachel Holmes. international presenter, founder of KSFL and expert in health and wellbeing.
  • Please bring friends/family/colleagues especially if your goal is to feel healthier, have more energy and be more positive.

Spa Day Sunday 24th Bicester Golf Club and Spa – Only £55 (Still time to book)

  • 30 min treatment
  • Lunch
  • PIlates and meditation
  • Use of gym and spa between 10am and 6:30pm

Please respond to this email if you would like more info or to book on.

Eat clean and train SMart

Sind xxx
KSFL & SMart Health & Fitness Coach 

Clean Curry Night 16th July

On the 16th July I am putting on a clean curry night in aid of Banbury Young Homelessness Project. For £25 you will be treated to a clean three course meal cooked and served by a core team of Kick Start Fat Loss members, all experts in creating delicious clean food that you won’t believe is good for you! There are limited spaces to this fabulous charity event, so why not book yourself on and learn how delicious healthy food can be, and support a fantastic local charity. You can book on and pay here, or to register your interest email me! Spaces are limited and going fast, so don’t delay!

The meal starts at 7pm and will include popadoms and dips, starters, meat and vegetarian curries, and a selection of sweet treats for dessert! It is being held at BYHP, 2 Chandos Close, Banbury. To learn more about the great work BYHP do, click here. This is such an exciting event, as well as the food we will have a raffle with some fantastic prizes kindly donated by local business. I would love to see you there!