Don’t quit!

We all go through it. Times when we slip up, and then again, and maybe again
and then we think oh fgs, I might as well just throw in the towel, I’m never gonna manage it!

But STOP!!!!!

Time to refocus, regroup and stop beating yourself up.

Watch this video from KSFL creator Rachel Holmes and hopefully you’ll be more kind to yourself, more objective, and keep going.

Do you need 1-2-1 nutritional support?

I work with you for 4 weeks, writing out a personal meal plan once I have found out your like, dislikes, allergies and how your lifestyle is currently

I am able to tailor the meal plan to fit into your life and still enable you to eat out and enjoy a drink if thats what you like to do

With a daily check in and a weekly 30 minute coaching call we can quickly identify any foods that are impacting on you hormonally or zapping your energy

We can also look at triggers that make you “fall off the wagon” to make it so much easy to just get back on it!

I have just one place left in November,  if you would like to be considered for a place, drop me an email back and we can have a chat, this will be the last coaching I do before Xmas

Please get in touch if you would like some help.

Eat clean and train your brain SMart

Sindy Matthews, Fitness and wellness Coach

How to deal with stress and anxiety

How to reduce anxiety and stress.

There are so many daily practices we can put into place to help us reduce anxiety and stress. But because there are so many, this can cause even more stress and anxiety when it comes to deciding which approach is going to resonate and work.

So, take time now to think of what triggers your unwanted behaviour.

For example, I need to answer this email…..but I don’t want to….I’m hungry….I’m bored….I’ll make a cuppa….hmmmm I’ll just have a nibble on a biscuit while the kettle boils……really don’t want to write this email….I might write a terrible response….I’ll have another biscuit….kettle is taking ages to boil….. The above is irrational thinking.

Your mind has been taken over by the child in you/your evil twin or your ego. You can name this part of your brain however you wish. The rational you will be thinking…I’m going to make a cuppa, while the kettle boils I’ll pop some washing on or go to the loo. When I have made my cuppa, I’ll sit and draft the email, check it and hit send. Then I’ll feel better about it. Or something along those lines.

Does this sound familiar?

If you would like some help in managing your mindset, come along to Balance on Wednesday evenings 7pm. Each week will be different. Some light movement, meditation, education and tools you can use to help you be more present. Your mental practice is more important that sweating it out in the gym!! Free your mind and the rest will follow.

I’m not a therapist, but I live each day practicing to be a better version of myself. I would like to help and share with you. Are you ready to do some work? See you on Wednesday 7pm at SMart Health and Fitness Studio.

Would you like more info? Respond to this email or forward to someone in need of support.

Eat clean and train your brain SMart

Sindy Matthews, Fitness and Wellness Coach,

47 F Broad Street, BANBURY, OX16 5BT

FREE Food Tasting!!!

Hope you had a FAB weekend?

I know I did!!! Friday I was hanging out with Rachel Holmes and the KSFL leaders from all over the UK. It was amazing and most inspiring.
Yesterday, I was relaxing with 14 lovely ladies at Bicester Golf Club and Spa.
There will be more of these coming up, so keep reading and following me on Facebook and here on the website

Are you coming to the FREE KSFL food tasting evening? It’s on Wednesday 7pm Naomi’s Cafe. You’ll only need to buy your drinkies from Naomi, but the food my wonderful mum is providing is free!!!

There will be recipe books, for those that would like to try their hand at these easy to make meals if you wish.

I’ll also be giving a talk on wellness and nutrition. It’ll be a very relaxed event, so do pop in for a cuppa and a chin wag.

Have a great day!

Sind xxx

KSFL & SMart Health & Fitness Coach 

Motivational Monday!

Good morning!!

Get your head back in the game! But HOW?

I can’t and won’t SUGAR coat this for you! The truth is this…

If your goal is weight loss then YES at the beginning you will drop a lot of weight. BUT then you weight loss WILL slow down. Your body will hiit a plataue. It’s inevitable folks. But don’t give up!

We are all a work in progress! We all want results now! Be patient and don’t give up!

Think of it this way…Rome wasn’t built in a day. You won’t wake up in a week and go ‘Whoop, whoop! I’m size 8 when a week ago you were a size 20. as long as you keep up the healthy eating regime 80% of the time, then it’s much healthier for you and even though you can’t see the changes all of the time, TRUST me – it’s all going on inside. It’s just well hidden.

Little steps everyday make the BIGGEST shifts.

Don’t forget, the FREE KSFL taster evening at Naomi’s 7pm  Wednesday 18th May. Come along and eat some healthy food and have a cuppa with me and my lovely Mum.

Sind xxx

KSFL & SMart Health & Fitness Coach 

Your more than just a dress size!

Kick Starters & SMarties

We all have days when we look in the mirror and don’t feel completely happy with what we see.

For some that might be occasional and for others that might be daily and more than once a day.

What can we do???? How can we turn that feeling around???

Well apart from following a great healthy eating plan like here are my thoughts

1. You are more than just your dress size

2. Your body has maybe done amazing things like give birth, recover from illness, it has seen you to this stage

3. You are loved for more than what you look like

4. Dont compare yourself to others, especially the ones in magazines as generally they have been airbrushed to within an inch of their lives!

5. Try to live as healthy a life as possible, eating well and exercising, do the best that you can and your body will thank you for it

If you constantly feel unhappy with how you look and feel, it can be turned around, talk to me about how I can help you be the best version of you that you can be!

I’m offering 1-2-1 online coaching now. But if you are local I can meet you once a week. If you would like more info – reply to me and I will explain what is involved.

It’s Sunday!!!


Batch cook!

See you at HIIT 6:15amSt Francis Church – BOING!!!! We are using the TRAMPOLINE!!!! Wanna BOOK? HERE

Sind xxx

KSFL & SMart Health & Fitness Coach 

BeFit Event 2016

Kick Starters and Smarties

Yesterday I was at the BeFit Event in London. As I walked around the various health and well being stands it was clear that they were all pushing and promoting juicing, cooking from scratch and moving more. The fitness industry is on top form. I’ve been to numerous health and well being events in the past, but I have to admit this one was smaller, but spot on.

There were different classes that you could book into and a few stalls where you could buy fitness apparel.

There was an abundance of tasters on the majority of the stalls. But guess what?!!! Most of them where giving away shots of greens juices, smoothies, healthy sweet treats such as protein balls and bars….all the food that KSFL promote. Natasha Corrett and Vicki Edgson (Honestly Healthy) were also there, but sadly not yesterday. I would have loved to have  heard them speak and watch their cooking demonstration.

One of my favorite stalls was one with herbal teas. if you would like to check them out and purchase tea here is the promo code to add at the cart TEATOX.

Lucy Bee was there promoting the benefits of organic raw ingredients and demonstrating how you can add such products like coconut oil, turmeric powder, variety of salts to your food. Have you tried lucuma powder? Great for baking folks. It naturally sweet with a subtle maple flavour, making it perfect to blend into juices and smoothies or to your KSFL Banana icecream YUM!!!!

I walked away with loads of freebies and leaflets. The one thing I did wish to see was a KSFL stall. Next year perhaps…..?

I could write so much more, but going to share new and exciting facts with you over the next week. So please stay tuned….

Have you booked onto your classes this month?


POWER BLAST is at NHC Tuesday – whoop whoop!!!

Fight Klub Boxing Beat Box is back 7pm Thursday’s

BOOT CAMP 6:30pm (New Time)


15th May Spa DAY!!! Still spaces £55 – let me know if you want the info and what is included.

18th May Naomi’s Cafe – KSFL taster evening – please invite everyone you know – this event is FREE and I would love to see you all there. SMarties too!!!

That’s it for now – have a super day!


Sind xxx


Hola! I wanted to share this message a KSFL member wrote to KSFL Leader Kelly Ravencroft. Kelly runs her own KSFL Club in Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands. This is a truly amazing story. Hope you think so too.

“Having both parents die of coronary artery disease, I was considered to be at risk so my Doctors Practice allocated me a Coronary Nurse and I am annually checked.  It was discovered that I had extremely high blood pressure which I needed medication for and as a precaution aspirin was also prescribed.

 My very first cholesterol test showed that I have an inherited condition which relates to production of high cholesterol.  My reading was 10 and I was prescribed an extremely high dose of statin.  It soon became apparent that the side effects were very severe in my case and my GP agreed to reduce my dose right down.

I had been an addictive coffee drinker, 11 cups a day, black, 1 ½ teaspoons of coffee per cup.  Having started one of your plans I decided I was in the right place to give it up completely and did so 3 years ago.  

My cholesterol test last year was only 4.4 my GP would not agree to me giving up the statin, although he agreed giving up the coffee had attributed to this result, he maintained that because I had this inherited condition the statin was helping keep my cholesterol down. 

At the end of last year I made a conscious decision that the side effects of the statin far outweighed the benefit, that it was my choice to make whether or not I took the recommended medication.   I was breathless, my joints were extremely painful all the time, it was affecting my sleep (terrible nightmares and painful legs) and worse of all it was affecting my ability to go to your classes (which was now becoming a real passion).

I then started on your healthy eating plan, culminating in embarking on the Kick Start Fat Loss programme. 

This week was my annual health check.  In normal circumstances it would take several attempts to get a high end of the normal scale blood pressure reading from me.  The first attempt was a perfect reading.  My bloods showed no signs of thyroid or diabetic markers, my kidney and liver functions were perfect and my weight had dropped significantly nearly two stone since this time last year.  Aspirin was removed from my prescription. 

My good cholesterol was double what it was last year and my bad was up two points (only to be expected with my inherited condition and no statin).  The overall result was 6, which is only just above the top line of the allowed limit.  

My Coronary Nurse is supporting me in not taking the statin, is amazed that with diet and the right exercise (even with the inherited condition) that my cholesterol is at the level it is.  She does now want to check me every 6 months to make sure that I am keeping on track. 

I think what I am trying to say is that we should question the health professionals and not always accept that because they prescribe something it is right for us.  It’s about being informed and making the right choices in our lives, being in control. 

Kelly will all your marvellous help and support and inspiration, I now look forward to exercising because I love the variety of classes and now I can do them.  I don’t remember if you remember when I started, I could barely lift my legs,  I couldn’t even see my toes and I never imagined I would have reached the level of fitness I have.  Because of your belief in healthy eating and making the right choices I am able to take control of my own health.  I believe that because of that I will live a fuller more healthy life without having to cram tablets down my throat. 

I cannot thank you enough, just keep doing what you are doing because it is making a huge difference to lots of peoples lives. 

Thank you


Jo Hodge
Please note that The National Herb Centre is being used for an event this weekend and part of next week.

Bank Holiday Monday – No classes.

Eat clean & train SMart

Sind xxx

KSFL & SMart Health & Fitness Coach

An unexpected journey

My name is Michael Dale and I have been a Kick Start Fat Loss member for just over a year. I have previously blogged about Sindy and my experience at KSFL so I’m not going to cover the same ground. I’m here with a brief before and after blog to show where I’ve got to so far in my journey.

The photos below were taken exactly a year apart, in the same setting, with the same clothes, so you’ve got the best chance of seeing what changes really took place. Firstly I’ll fess up and admit the trousers were actually my wife’s exercise kit. I’m not normally into wearing my wife’s clothes (though she has stolen one or two jumpers from me), but I needed something tight and I wasn’t the type to wear tight fitting clothes. Another confession is that I could have taken the after pictures way back in June and they would look exactly the same. I have maintained the same weight since July, never having realised quite how successful and effective following KSFL would be in weight loss, and finding a point at that stage where I was happy to introduce more food into my daily diet.

I was nervous about taking the after shots, and nervous about sharing them alongside the before, because let’s face it, they’re hardly glamour shots! But I think with anything that purports to give results, or change lives, you need real world examples to help. I also know that when I look at the average before and after pictures, they are sad and dowdy in the first, and well-lit and smiling in the second,so we can’t do a true comparison! Once I knew I was on to a good thing, I knew I had to stand in the same place, wear the same clothes and see what had changed.

I have to say, I had kind of been putting it off, and the anniversary was a reason to force myself to do it. In my mind, despite knowing I had gone from a waist that was approaching 34″ to a 28″ and gone from medium tops to XXS, there was this irrational fear that photos would reveal it was all a sham, that I still had that paunch. It just goes to show how we can become unhealthily obsessed with ‘perfection’. In my mind I thought I should look like a pro-athlete before I took the second set of photos. We don’t really know what ‘average’ people look like any more, because clothes cover us, and what we see are media images of toned, honed celebs, with great make-up, lighting, and so on!

It was daft to think I had to compete with what I saw on TV, and I knew it all along. I have been on, and will continue to be on an amazing journey that has seen increased energy, a new found love of exercise, and the ability and desire to wear tight clothing. I bought a pair of skinny jeans for goodness sake! And I happily wear XXS t-shirts! I love clothes shopping now, because I have a size that will work across all shops and designs. Before trousers, jeans, and tops would all vary in how they looked on me, and there was no consistency on the size. Once upon a time I may have felt shy that I was going for the smaller size, but now I’m proud that I’m the size nature intended!

Best of all, I feel like I have hit the point where I have reset my physical template, so to speak, and what happens next is entirely in my hands. I still follow the KSFL food lifestyle, allowing myself to eat more than before, all clean of course, with the occasional guilt free non-KSFL meal or cake. I’m a guy, so sure I want to build up my upper strength, that’s pretty normal I reckon. I’m using a 16kg kettlebell and have done for several months, so I know I’m ready to step up and try a 20kg, so that’s step one. Beyond that, I have increased fitness and strength, which brings with it increased confidence to try tougher challenges, so I’ll just have to see. I’ll certainly stick with KSFL, and see what the next year brings me. I’m certainly not willing to go back to my old lifestyle of watching fit people on TV and wishing it were me.

Here are the pictures. Am I happy with the changes? Of course! It’s amazing, dramatic and these pictures only show half the story. Clearly I have become more toned, and I now have ‘apples’, as the wife calls my biceps. Maybe by next year I’ll be brave enough to take the top off…