Two studios – Two towns – Unlimited possibilities!

Would you like to be part of a cutting edge Fitness Professional Team?

Are you fed up of working in a gym and want to be able to offer the members of the public a results based class?

We never know who is going to walk into the Studio and we can’t control the number of clients or have our say!

Would you like to be able to teach what you want, in a venue of your choice and just rock up teach and go home without the worry of paying rent? Get a little extra in ya wage packet as an incentive to keep you clients coming back to your class?


Well I have a proposal for you my friends!

I’m looking for passionate fitness professionals with at least 3 year experience teaching Group Fitness classes. You must be first aid trained have a valid public liability insurance and interested in teaching in the community.


Here is how it works:

Meet with me to discuss the classes/classes you would like to teach.

We selected a venue, and I cover the cost of the rent, advertising etc…

I can provide the equipment (feel free to use your own as well)

Prior to the launch of the class we will spread the word via social media platforms and emails etc (I will do this, but if you have social media you will be required to share this on your social media platforms).



If you can get a regular 15 clients to sign up you will be paid an extra £10 that month!!

If you get 20 clients sign up then you will get and extra £20 that month!!

Depending on the size of the venue and the class structure of course!


So to recap!

  • No rent to pay
  • You teach in your local area (keeping expenses low).
  • I pay you to teach £20 each class
  • You teach what you like
  • Plus incentives
  • No printing to pay

Are you with me?

Contact me to find out more