Testimonial – Clare Bright – Phillips

It’s only 30 minutes and you don’t have to leave the house! Just try it! 

I started online PT with Sindy last year and now have 2 sessions a week. I wanted something that I would commit to every week but it’s hard fitting around work, kids and life itself! It suits my lifestyle as I don’t have time to drive to a class in the week, (plus I won’t go if I don’t feel like it) and get back to get to work. I don’t do evening workouts because I literally have all day to come up with a reason why not to, I’m very creative and usually have a valid reason by 11am if not earlier! I’m a firm believer in exercising early before your body realises what’s happening!

I love the sessions and I know that if I didn’t have them booked I wouldn’t get up and workout independently, I literally only get up because I know Sindy is calling! I know when my alarm goes off that Sindy will be Skyping in so I drag myself on the hellish commute to my living room! It’s 30 mins of whatever the session is and because only Sindy can laugh at me I push myself to try new things! We have even tried kick boxing because I was having a crap week at work and needed to expel some anger! I love kettlebells so try to do these regularly 🙂 from barely being able to swing an 8kg to now just progressed to a 16kg.

I started from very little in the way of regular exercise and I won’t lie the first sessions were a killer, salt baths were required in the early days on a regular basis! I’m shocked at what I can now do and after about a month my muscle memory definitely started to kick in and the sessions don’t feel so brutal in the days after! I get along to Saturday group classes when I can and I only do this because I feel confident I can do the exercises as I’ve done them at home, group classes would have been my idea of hell before! It helps that Sindy surrounds herself with great characters and not gym freaks with no personality!
Sindy is a delight to work out with, no judgement, although she laughs her arse off when you fall off your ball doing abs! I feel pushed to try more and improve but there’s no requirement to want to be thinner, faster or be anything other than what you are now, in fact body positivity and loving what you have is a lesson I have been grateful to learn along the way! As a complete exercise phobic and confirmed lazy bitch I am reformed and actually miss it when I skip a session!
Posted on: May 3, 2019, by : Sindy Matthews