Month: January 2019

Buzzing! I must share!

Today I met an amazing crew of people. Let me start from the beginning and explain how I was fortunate to meet these awesome folk.
I recently caught up with Dave Earle. If you are from Banbury you will know who Dave Earle is. Anyway, his son (Maxie) works for a charity called The Human Aspeat. 
What do The Human Aspect do?
They travel the world filming people who have inspiring stories of struggle and how they have got through it. 
Recently I have shared some very personal and honest stories about my life because I want to help people who are having the same or similar struggles. Dave Earle had seen the post and invited me along to be filmed so I could share this on social media.
I loved it! I thought I’d feel anxious (new people, on my own, what if i bore them). I knew that this was the internal fear trying to get a latch on. I decided to relax and go with it. It worked and I now feel pretty epic! Not only from sharing my storie. From meeting Jimmy Westerheim (founder of The Human Aspect).  I was fortunate to spend a fair few hours with Jimmy and Maxie and share even more stories and personal views.
The work they are doing is inspiring and heart felt. 
If you are interested in looking at their Facebook page, please click this link and like their page. They are not for profit. So if you believe in the power of their work as I do, feel free to add a donation too. 

This is the book Jimmy wrote in and handed to me after the filming.

My life’s toughest challenge.

Guess who!!! Yeap, that was me. Obsessed about food, always thinking about my next meal, never wanted sex, felt too exhausted and disgusted with myself, addicted to food, exercise, took drugs to prevent hunger, had meltdowns when invited to a meal or at a restaurant, missed out on special occasions, never stopped working, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, no sense of humour, said horrible things to loved ones and put a face on for everyone else!!!
Was I happy? Fuck no!!!
I am now, don’t get me wrong I still have those days when I want to relapse. Then i remember how grateful I am to be alive and how I can influence other people who maybe don’t think they can ask for help because it makes them weak or a drain. Sound familiar?  I’ll keep posting. I’ll keep sharing in the hope that this touches somebody.

Taken December 2018
How did I overcome this challenge?
I spoke to Tanya Collin ( Creating Core Change – Spectrum Awareness Coach). 
I read books about people who had this struggle and got through it.
I changed what i followed on social media platforms.
I surrounded myself with likeminded and positive people.
I made a choice to live and not just exist. 
I am grateful and aware.
I meditate, walk, bake, journal, have a good bedtime routine, exercise for pleasure, eat when I’m hungry, do a jigsaw puzzle, listen to music, power pose and more than anything I can now just be my truth, 100% organically me.

Upcoming events

As mentioned above, Wendy Fell has invited me along to speak at this awesome event. I would love for you to join us for an evening of storie telling and empowerment. You shall walk away feeling empowered, inspired and ready to make positive shifts in your lives.