Month: November 2016

Do you suffer with anxiety and stress?

Do you or someone you know suffer with anxiety and stress?

I’m launching this new 8 week mindful movement and meditation course in January. Every Tuesday evening 7pm.

Each class consists of gentle movement and meditation to leave you feeling positive and empowered.

You’ll leave the session feeling amazing and the next day awake with a positive mantra in your mind, instead of the 40-60 negative thoughts that usually pollute your brain.

The course is £45 but there is an early bird offer of £40 if you book on before the 1st December. There are only 8 spaces left on this course.

If you would like one, please contact me via email or reach me on Facebook.

I look forward to meeting you in 2017.


Don’t quit!

We all go through it. Times when we slip up, and then again, and maybe again
and then we think oh fgs, I might as well just throw in the towel, I’m never gonna manage it!

But STOP!!!!!

Time to refocus, regroup and stop beating yourself up.

Watch this video from KSFL creator Rachel Holmes and hopefully you’ll be more kind to yourself, more objective, and keep going.

Do you need 1-2-1 nutritional support?

I work with you for 4 weeks, writing out a personal meal plan once I have found out your like, dislikes, allergies and how your lifestyle is currently

I am able to tailor the meal plan to fit into your life and still enable you to eat out and enjoy a drink if thats what you like to do

With a daily check in and a weekly 30 minute coaching call we can quickly identify any foods that are impacting on you hormonally or zapping your energy

We can also look at triggers that make you “fall off the wagon” to make it so much easy to just get back on it!

I have just one place left in November,  if you would like to be considered for a place, drop me an email back and we can have a chat, this will be the last coaching I do before Xmas

Please get in touch if you would like some help.

Eat clean and train your brain SMart

Sindy Matthews, Fitness and wellness Coach

How to deal with stress and anxiety

How to reduce anxiety and stress.

There are so many daily practices we can put into place to help us reduce anxiety and stress. But because there are so many, this can cause even more stress and anxiety when it comes to deciding which approach is going to resonate and work.

So, take time now to think of what triggers your unwanted behaviour.

For example, I need to answer this email…..but I don’t want to….I’m hungry….I’m bored….I’ll make a cuppa….hmmmm I’ll just have a nibble on a biscuit while the kettle boils……really don’t want to write this email….I might write a terrible response….I’ll have another biscuit….kettle is taking ages to boil….. The above is irrational thinking.

Your mind has been taken over by the child in you/your evil twin or your ego. You can name this part of your brain however you wish. The rational you will be thinking…I’m going to make a cuppa, while the kettle boils I’ll pop some washing on or go to the loo. When I have made my cuppa, I’ll sit and draft the email, check it and hit send. Then I’ll feel better about it. Or something along those lines.

Does this sound familiar?

If you would like some help in managing your mindset, come along to Balance on Wednesday evenings 7pm. Each week will be different. Some light movement, meditation, education and tools you can use to help you be more present. Your mental practice is more important that sweating it out in the gym!! Free your mind and the rest will follow.

I’m not a therapist, but I live each day practicing to be a better version of myself. I would like to help and share with you. Are you ready to do some work? See you on Wednesday 7pm at SMart Health and Fitness Studio.

Would you like more info? Respond to this email or forward to someone in need of support.

Eat clean and train your brain SMart

Sindy Matthews, Fitness and Wellness Coach,

47 F Broad Street, BANBURY, OX16 5BT