Fat loss and exercise

There are 3, (the magic number) phases to deliver the right nutrient mixture at the right time to enhance recovery from exercise and to improve muscle growth, strength and powder.
Energy Phase:
 Ensure you have enough available energy (FOOD) to power your workouts and these can come from all three macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates).
Anabolic Phase:
 0 – 45 minute window after a workout; with right combination of nutrients initiates repair of damaged muscle protein. If you already have a lean body fat% have a combination of protein, carbs, glutamine and creatine, while if you’re trying to achieve fat loss just go with amino acids. For example protein.
Growth & Recovery Phase:
 From the end of the anabolic phase to the beginning of the next workout, being really smart with quality of meals and lifestyle choices.
Avoid snacking between meals if you want fat loss, but if you are a competitive athlete happy with your body fat% then snack between meals.
Posted on: October 16, 2016, by : Sindy Matthews

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