Packed lunch ideas

Packed lunch is a tough one, when you have a busy lifestyle it is often easy to say “I don’t have time” but our Wellness Stars PROVE you can get your prep done and have an amazing lunch that keeps you on track in no time!


Here is what our KSFL Franchisees had to say:

Suzanne Richardson, Sedgley 

Cauliflower rice with peas, onions, mushrooms and prawns. Frittata, salad with egg and chicken if i have access to a microwave i have soup and chicken legs as need the protein to keep me full.

Andrea Riddoch, Leeds

Big avocado and chicken salad with pine nuts and pumpkin seeds. Prepare it the night before and refrigerate!

Samantha Quirk, Jersey

Having a stack of cauliflower wraps in the freezer!! These are great with a bag of salad/ leftovers from the day before.


Lisa Lockwood, Lowerscroft

Clean eating breakfast muffins are good if you’re on the go or chicken legs and salad. I now keep balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil in my car incase i buy a salad and hot chicken for a quick lunch.


Helen Tite, Cornwall

Cucumber sandwich really crunchy, filled with chicken, cucumber instead of bread! Kids love it!


Julie Rowson Knowles

Frittata, salad! Smoothies/juices!


Alice Milner

It’s pretty rare that I need a packed lunch these days! Used to go for a salad filled packed lunch box! Although these days I tend to be in a training day so will take a whole load of juices and smoothies to keep me going throughout the day! I have an amazing juice bar just 2mins from my studio so often take a little walk to visit them for my lunch – often credit them key people who’ve helped me build my business over the last few years – keeping my healthy with nutritious food in an almost daily basis!!!

Paula Thompson, Sheffield

Chicken or prawn salad with balsamic vinegar with any kind of seeds to sprinkled on top. Frittata as you can eat cold.

Sindy Matthews Banbury

I love left overs… cold meat, salad, vegetables, curry or stew! Good food storage boxes in various sizes are always helpful!


For a sweet treat for the children (And work colleagues love them too) the 5 min raw cacao bars are a must!!!!

Francesca Flin

Soup … My fave is the pea and pancetta …. So filling and soooo delicious so easy to make and make lots so you have some in the fridge for later in the week!

Danni Evans

Egg muffins are the best, they taste best when they are cold and you can put anything in them and are really filling. Best advice…get a silicone muffin tray!

Hope all these ideas have helped and given you some inspiration.

Id love to hear your own favourites too,so drop me a line. Reply 🙂

Sind xxx

KSFL & SMart Health & Fitness Coach 

Posted on: May 15, 2016, by : Sindy Matthews

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