Motivational Monday!

Good morning!!

Get your head back in the game! But HOW?

I can’t and won’t SUGAR coat this for you! The truth is this…

If your goal is weight loss then YES at the beginning you will drop a lot of weight. BUT then you weight loss WILL slow down. Your body will hiit a plataue. It’s inevitable folks. But don’t give up!

We are all a work in progress! We all want results now! Be patient and don’t give up!

Think of it this way…Rome wasn’t built in a day. You won’t wake up in a week and go ‘Whoop, whoop! I’m size 8 when a week ago you were a size 20. as long as you keep up the healthy eating regime 80% of the time, then it’s much healthier for you and even though you can’t see the changes all of the time, TRUST me – it’s all going on inside. It’s just well hidden.

Little steps everyday make the BIGGEST shifts.

Don’t forget, the FREE KSFL taster evening at Naomi’s 7pm  Wednesday 18th May. Come along and eat some healthy food and have a cuppa with me and my lovely Mum.

Sind xxx

KSFL & SMart Health & Fitness Coach 

Posted on: May 9, 2016, by : Sindy Matthews

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