10 top tips to move more.

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Do you have a sedentary job? Are you sat down for endless hours? Are you hobbies seated?
I do love to take a seat and chat with folks over a cuppa, it’s our British way.
However, we sit too much. Here are some top tips on moving more:

  1. Set an alarm on you phone or fitbit/iwatch or a devise that will encourage you to move for 5 mins every 30 mins.
  2. Drink plently of water, this will encourage you to get up and take trips to the loo.
  3. If their are multiple loos at work, walk to the farthest one.
  4. Take the stairs not the lift.
  5. Walk or cycle to work if you can
  6. Encourage family or friends to meet you for a walk after dinner.
  7. During the commercial breaks of your favorite show, do a little shimmy
  8. After 30 mins of reading get up and make another cuppa.
  9. Don’t email you work colleagues if they are in the same office, walk over to them and talk.
  10. Finally, try to find a hobbie that encourages you to move more.

If you don’t like exercise, this is such a great way to get some in. You will feel better and less restricted with regards to your joints and mobility. This may sound like common sense, but how many of you will take action. If your able folks…try and move more.

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Posted on: April 30, 2016, by : Sindy Matthews

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