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Do you wish you could get fit or lose weight? Maybe you promise yourself you’ll spend more time in the gym and less time on the couch? Or do you have an office job that gives you bad back from hours hunched over a computer screen. Whatever your reason, whatever your goal, whatever your fitness level, SMart is here to help.

I offer a variety of different exercise sessions in numerous locations in and around Banbury. Group classes are fun, motivational and effective.

The schedule changes regularly, so if one month you can’t attend a class, the next you will! I am flexible and listen to my members, if something is popular I will make it more accessible.

Not sure about exercising in a group? Meet up with me for an informal chat and we can see if personal training suits you better.

I also offer online coaching and nutritional guidance via Kick Start Fat Loss.

Costs are flexible too! You can either pay for each class as you go, sign up for a monthly membership, or purchase a flexi-membership which gives you 10 classes to use within 3 months.

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Posted on: January 31, 2016, by : Mdale

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