KSFL Annual Conference 2015

On Sunday 8th November Mum and I went to the KSFL annual conference to catch up with Rachel Holmes and the rest of the KSFL Franchisees. We were spoilt rotten as we listened to Phil Richards talk about his new book KHIIT which is out in three weeks time. In his presentation he also talked about his last book ‘The Science of Fat Loss’. This is such an amazing book. It has been written in a way that we can all understand and doesn’t drown on about overly scientific guff that nobody understands. He talked about cholesterol, mercury fillings, the thyroid, testoserone, cortisol, growth hormone, oestrogen….my word this guy knows his stuff, and he doesn’t have a university degree. He has trained some well know athletes such as Amir Khan.

There were two topics he covered that stuck in my head. Firstly, was when he talked about what the scales say. When he was training Amir Khan – Amir never put on 1lb but his body fat % changed.  As it was a fight that Phil was training Amir for, Amir’s weight was not allowed to change.

Do we still feel that the scales are relevant?? They measure nothing. All the scales do is send us on an emotional roller coaster. Phil added the one thing we should all go by is out energy.

The second was about being happy, positive and reducing our levels of stress. If you’re trying to burn fat and your cortisol levels are through the roof, then it doesn’t matter what you’re doing with regards to exercise and nutrition (especially in women). You’ll be stressing your body even more and the fight against fat loss is LOST! The good news is that we can remedy this, if we really want to.

Change your thoughts, you will change your life.  Nobody can decide what your thoughts are but you. If you want to be happy, then practice being happy. It sounds so simple. I realise that this can be so hard. Some days you are just low. Or comfortably numb as a good friend once put it. You are in the driving seat folks – this is your life.  Over the next few weeks I will be sharing the knowledge I have from Phil’s book with my KSFL group.

Please try and come to the KSFL club on Wednesday nights for the talk and also the workout and some food.  I would like to share my knowledge with you all.

Sind xxx



Posted on: November 14, 2015, by : Sindy Matthews

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