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On Wednesday the 4th November I hosted a free KSFL buffet at the National Herb Centre, Warmington, one of my exercise hubs in the Banbury area. The evening was a chance for anyone to come along and learn more about KSFL, and more importantly to taste a huge range of clean KSFL food. The whole night was made possible by my superstar mum Shirley, who spent hours in the kitchen producing all the great clean food. We had gluten free bread, clean blueberry sauce, spicy curried lentils, butternut squash soup, juice shots, energy bombs, clean granola, and more besides! Many kind KSFL members also brought their own treats to share, and I tell you what… it was all so so goooood!


I hold these buffets every now and then as a way of promoting the healthy eating side of Kick Start Fat Loss. Yep, we do daily exercises, get hot and sweaty early in the morning, muck around with tires, ropes, kettlebells, and have a giggle while getting fit, but actually 80% of what makes KSFL so effective, so good for you, is the diet. I’m so so passionate about getting the message that eating processed junk, and sugar filled treats is a health ticking time bomb. KSFL is a way of re-educating people that home-cooked food is the way to go. The recipes we have are simple, quick, and clean! Plus we have something for everyone. There’s an elimination book (the best one to start with), a clean curry book, a vegetarian book, a Christmas book, a sweet treats book, and the new Rescue Recipes book, which has loads of great advice in addition to the recipes.


I want to shout from the roof-tops and share the knowledge I have on this subject. And you know what? If you couldn’t make it to this one, I’m holding another really soon! In December there will be a Christmas buffet. I’m already so excited and I really want as many people to come as possible! Christmas is a time of giving, so let me give you a treat, KSFL style. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook, or sign up using the Register with Me! form opposite and you’ll get a first row invite to the next buffet!

I look forward to meeting you.

Sind xxxx




Posted on: November 6, 2015, by : Sindy Matthews

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