Month: February 2015

Roxy Hoare – Type 1 Diabetic Testimonial

Hey Guys, I hope your all having a fab Friday. I’m not sure if you are all aware or not, but I am type 1 diabetic (I have been for 11 years). Anyway I just wanted to share some great news I have had today. At the end of October I had my 6 monthly review at the hospital and my HbA1c (this is an average blood sugar reading over a period of 3 months) was 9.3. This is quite high and a kick up the bum to sort my lifestyle out. The doctors wanted to see me in 3 months rather than the usual 6 months to see if I could get them down. I was already thinking about joining KSFLB but this made me want to see what a difference I could make, so in November I joined KSFLB. I have just had my 3 month review and my HbA1c has come down to 7.6!!! The consultant was amazed and said whatever your doing it’s working and keep doing it. I just wanted to let you guys know and any other Diabetics out there how much of a change has happened and in only 2 and a half months! Also a massive thank you to the the lovely Sindy Matthews she is an absolute Gem xxx