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Congratulations to Carlie Goode who has now lost 15lbs (over a stone in weigh)!! This is a lot harder for Carlie. 

Read Carlie’s story.

Carlie is 30 years old, a single mum to her little girl who is 8. From the age of 15 something wasn’t right. Carlie was overly tired, slept 12 hours and still needed more sleep. She didn’t socialise like her friends did and was always poorly. She would ask to go to bed at half seven – what teenager does that?! Then came the panic attacks and depression. She tried counselling, CBT everything possible. By 18 things just got worse and she tried to work but kept getting sick so had time off and would lose her job. 

In 2006 Carlie gave birth to her little girl, and it should have been the happiest time of her life but that’s when things took a turn for the worse and her body finally completely gave up. 

Every day has been a fight and a battle just to do the normal things people take for granted. She was diagnosed with ME also known as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. 

Not many people know about these silent illnesses, Carlie looks ‘normal’ so for people to understand has been hard. What is it? Debilitating fatigue, muscle pain, muscle weakness, blurred vision, mood swings, depression. People think it’s just being tired. This overwhelming fatigue affects cognitive function, every little thing she does has a price to pay. From getting out of bed, getting dressed. Washing your hair. Some days these tasks aren’t even achievable.She can’t take her little girl to the park, the zoo, etc. 

It’s a silent lonely debilitating condition with no treatment other than to live with it. 
No amount of sleep makes the fatigue go away, it’s there 24 7. Carefully having to pace what you do every day with rest periods between and lengthy sleeps just to be able to complete the most basic of tasks. 
She is still here fighting because she has to because she has an amazing little girl that needs her mum, but it’s no easy task, it’s hard and there’s so little understanding or knowledge so many are suffering in silence.

Would you mind helping someone you don’t know and doing a good deed? I have a request (well two actually) to help Carlie to move house. Light hands make less work, strength in numbers and all that. I don’t know when she is moving yet. She is waiting for the date to view the property… but if you can help out or know anyone else that could help that would be fab. Please feel free to invite people/friends & family too. If you are not sure what ME is see the picture below. it is impossible for this girl to move house alone. If we all muck in this will be a very quick move.

Carlie will get to view the house in the next few weeks, she will be given the keys there and then. The house has no carpet!! She has been quoted £850 which needs to be paid for before Christmas Eve. Being a single parent with ME and not able to work, Carlie does not have this money readily available. So, here is my second plea. Would you be happy to make a contribution? I will ensure that the funds are sent to a secure account where the money can be accessed and spent on the carpet and to Carlie.

Any excess money raised i.e. more than the cost of the carpet, will be donated to BYHP.


If you would like to help Carlie move or make a donation please contact me on the details below:

Sind Matthews

Mobile: 077363 09921

Twitter: @SindyMatthews3
Instagram: @sindmatthews
Posted on: December 11, 2014, by : Sindy Matthews

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