Jemma Hawtin

Jemma was a size 20 today she is a size 10

Read Jemma’s story below:

Hello my name is Jemma and I joined kick start fat loss on 16th September 2013, when I first see the shopping list I was petrified, as I don’t like veg or salad all I was thinking was what the hell am I going to eat, only things on the shopping list I liked was green peppers and peas. So I decided to try new things I don’t normally eat and wrote up a meal plan it was a disaster I didn’t enjoy any of the meals and i wasn’t enjoying meal times and was losing hope thought I couldn’t do this. So Sindy told me to get on Facebook so I could have access to the private members page and what a help that was all the lovely ladies from class were on there helping me find meals I’d enjoy and supporting me all the way, it was refreshing to be around such nice and positive people.i love going to class each week the work outs are tough guaranteed to be achy the next day but that’s not a bad thing. The atmosphere at class is great and i always come home buzzing. So far I have lost 5 stone 11 lbs and 64 inches!!! I can’t believe the amazing results I had and it doesn’t feel like I’m dieting anymore, just eating healthy. I have learnt so much from Sindy, she has taught me about nutrition and what is actually in foods and it helps me make better choices, she has also taught me to be a more positive person which I believe has turned my life around. Before I joined Ksfl I was depressed had no self esteem or confidence and spent most my days hiding indoors, I use to hate having my picture taken and clothes shopping was my worst nightmare. But since losing the weight I’m enjoying life again, got myself a job and enjoy going out, clothes shopping feels great it’s so nice to be able to go into a shop and find clothes that fit, I even had a photo shoot and enjoyed it. I’m so glad I joined kick start fat loss Banbury it was a bumpy ride but so worth it. Sindy is a fantastic teacher she has helped me get a body I never thought was possible. Thank you Sindy for believing in me and supporting me I have achieved such amazing results and it all down to you . X


Posted on: August 7, 2014, by : Sindy Matthews

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