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Good Morning!!

Another bank holiday is upon us! And, you know what else is GREAT! Summer has now arrived. Now I know that some of you enjoy a pizza, curry or a pudding as your cheat meal. But, I also know that a fair few of you do love a tipple… So this is for you and some interesting facts on drinking alcohol.

Can I have a drink & not ruin my KSFL Lifestyle??

It’s a sunny weekend on the cards so the temptation of a few drinks this weekend, will be hard for many to resist.
But, if you have been trying so hard this week & feeling good & positive with your KSFL Lifestyle
It is worth taking a minute to see how far you have come before, you sabotage all of your efforts on a boozy weekend.
Not wanting to be a kill joy and all that…..
I’m arming you with the Alcohol & Fatburning facts.
The Science.
The effect of alcohol on fat storage is verysimilar to that of carbs: by suppressing fat oxidation, it enablesdietary fats to be stored with ease. However, while conversion of carbs to fat may occur once glycogen stores are saturated, DNL viaalcohol consumption seems less likely.

In a nutshell,if you want to maintain a lean body avoiding alcohol is a good choice.
It’s not just the added calories (alcohol offers seven calories pergram compared to carbs & protein, which contain four each).
Alcohol affects metabolism because when you drink it, and body puts all other metabolic processes on hold until it has
processed the alcohol.

Quick Facts

Those extra calories have to be burned immediately, putting on hold everything else.
The body can’t store alcohol, so it has to use it up first. All the other metabolic processes- i.e. the metabolising of fat and glucose- have to be put on hold while the body gets rid of the alcohol.

Alcohol turns off fat burning at the cellular level

And according to Dr. Gil Wilshire, head of the prestigious non-profit organisation the Carb Aware Council in Washington, D.C.,

Beware of Drinking after KSFL Detox

After you have completed the KSFL Elimination I wouldn’t encourage you to go on a huge bender unless you want the hangover from hell for at least 3 days.
Your body is clean & will treat the alcohol as a poison potentially making you vomit and worse!

Is It Worth it???

Go easy and tread carefully.

Remember alcohol makes you lose your inhibitions & you might not need much encouraging to hit the chip shop, kebab shop or 24 hour Asda for god knows what else.

Important dates!

St Francis Car Boot 24th May 2014 (Saturday) I will be at Body Combat first!!

Bodicote Car Boot 26th May 2014 (Bank Holiday Monday)

Fitness & Wellness Workshop 31st May 2014 (Saturday)

Banbury Show – 8th June 2014 (Sunday)


I am teaching FREE classes at Energie Fitness Club in Grimsbury starting on Monday’s 6-7pm. The class is called Beat Box. Some of you may have attended the class before. It is a boxing class using focus pads and boxing gloves. Want to see more http://www.fightklub.co.uk/

On the 4th June I am giving a FREE KSFL Taster session. This is so exciting! Details below:

9:30am Ex Servicemans Village Hall, Bloxham

These are KSFL Express sessions that consist of a weigh in and a 30 min talk on nutrition, fitness and motivation. There won’t be any exercise session as the HIIT workouts can be done from the comfort of your own home. These sessions are for those that can’t make it to the evening session due to shift patterns or for Mum’s that can’t get a baby sitter etc…. If you know of anyone that would benefit from this please share the info with them. The first session is completely FREE!!

COMING SOON – KSFL 9:30 -10:30 Energie

Fitness Club Fitness Pilates Express 12:30 – 13:15 Begins Tuesday 10th June. Energie

If you can get 4 friends to come to the workshop on the 31st May, your ticket is FREE!!!

That’s all this week team!
Eat clean & train smart
Sind xxx

Posted on: May 23, 2014, by : Sindy Matthews

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