Fat loss war

Do you ever feel like you are never going to win this endless battle with your weight loss? You go on a diet with all good intensions and because it is all shinny and new the results at the very beginning are great. You feel wonderful, inspired and ready to rock and roll!! But then, after doing so well you reward your hard work with a treat. Then you get back on it again on Monday. Then more results. GREAT! Then the scales tell you, that you haven’t lost any weight this week. HUMPH! L This is unacceptable; you feel cheated and think ‘well sod it then!’ Then you give up!

My question to you is why? Why give up? Imagine if you kept on going. The scales do not give you the full story. Speaking from experience. I used to hop onto the scales every morning (in the buff) religiously. I became obsessed. I never measured myself. Even though I felt awesome in my clothes, the scales made me feel like I should weigh less. This is not a healthy way of thinking and can leave you feeling miserable and deflated.

Each week I encourage my clients to measure themselves and take photos of themselves in the same clothing, at the same time and day of the week. The pictures are taken from the front, side profile and the back. I believe that each of us see our bodies differently.

Don’t give up on yourself. If you truly want to achieve a goal of fitting into a pair of old jeans or you have a wedding/birthday/celebration/holiday whatever coming up or you just want a better quality of life and feel healthier then make that commitment to yourself. Don’t be fooled, we are not all saints and we will fall off the wagon. That’s okay!! We need to do this. It will keep us sane and stop us from feeling deprived. But be sensible. Always keep your goals in sight.

Ditch the processed food, buy a slow cooker, get organised, feel better and learn to love yourself.

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Eat clean and train smart

Sind Matthews

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Posted on: March 1, 2014, by : Sindy Matthews

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