Month: March 2014


Yesterday a small group of us went to Vent in Stevenage. For those of you that don’t know this is a fitness event where inspirational instructors from all over the world teach their classes to other instructors and members of the general public. it’s a long day travelling, but when you have participated in the classes and met some inspirational people you realise just how worth the trip it really was. I am feeling the soreness already which is always for me a great sign that I had a great day.

I always leave these events feeling inspired and content. The atmosphere was electric. Everybody was so lovely and friendly and we all had a ball. A few of the classes we participated in were Steel Combat, Bag Box, Grit vs Combat and a soulful stretch to bring us back down and reward our bodies from the workouts. Grit was very much my kind of workout. It had challenges that lasted up to two minutes long followed by Tabata!! The DOMS have already started to set in.

If you want to join us on the next event let me know!! We can usually get the tickets for you at a discounted price.

Have a fab Mother’s Day!

Here is a cake recipe to treat them with.

Jemma’s KSFL Journey

Since leaving school my weight had yo yo up and down but it got worse after having my child, seen as I didn't eat veg or salad I thought I was going to be over weight forever I joined the local gym but was getting no where because I was still eating junk food I was addicted to junk food even the 'healthy' foods I was eating wasn't really healthy, so decided to give Sindy new kick start fat loss programme a go, have to admit I had these images going through my head of being starved for 28 days when I heard about the detox and I really wasn't looking forward to it. The first two weeks where tough because I set myself up to try all these new foods which I've never eaten and I wasn't enjoying any of it, there was times where u thought I couldn't do it but the support from Sindy and the group really helped me pull through and at the end of week two I was actually enjoying the meals and was feeling great infact I was bouncing off the walls and the results where fantastic, I have now been doing Ksfl for 6 months now and I'm 5lbs off from losing 5 stone it has changed my life, I'm not saying it been completely easy ride I have had bad weeks where I've fallen off the wagon but Sindy and the group helped me get bk on and smash my goal weight plus more, I have learnt so much about nutrition love the topic chats we have each week, the group is full of lovely friendly people.anyone that down about there weight or just wanted to eat healthy I would recommend Sindy Matthews kick start fat loss club Banbury it has worked wonders for me and I can not thank you enough Sindy, it's not just weight I've lost but I no longer get pins and needles in my feet and hands, my back no longer aches and my face is no longer covered in spots, I have so much more energy now and just feel happy all the time. Ksfl for life, Xxx

It’s All or Nothing! Is this you?

Hello Healthy Happy People!

Did you begin the week off thinking, right this is it I am back on it like a car bonnet!! But then you got half way through the week and everything took a massive U TURN? Did it start off with a little snack, then another, then the thought process of ‘Damage is done, might as well carry on’. Are you one of these people that set there mind to ‘It’s all or nothing’? Today, I would like to remind you of the 80/20 rule which I live by. Be good, great 80% of the time and then 20% have a treat. Whatever it is, earn it and then when you have it, enjoy it. Guilt FREE!! This is a healthy mindset. Planning is the key. I say it every week. Look at your diary, see your whereabouts for the week ahead. This will only work if you let it instead of resisting it. Do you want more results? Do you want to maintain you target/goals/mindset? Be the person you want to be. Have a wee chat with yourself. As soon as you begin to walk down the spiral of doom, take a minute – take a few deep breaths. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Turn the thought process around. For example:

  • I really want to eat the sandwiches that have been provided for lunch today. Also the bite sized cakes look so awesome!
  • I have a really lovely home cooked lunch in my bag which I cannot wait to devour and I will feel awesome because I am eating clean to get lean (or whatever your goal is)

Find your inner guide. She/he is your best friend. They are always there and have your back. Lean on this friend and ask them for guidance when you need it. They think logically and tell you what you need to hear. Tap into your inner guide on a regular basis. Check in and have a positive chat with them when things seem tough. OR get in touch with me and I will be your cheerleader! You are awesome, amazing, inspiring and people in the world love you. Learn the accept that and most of all learn to love yourself. I’m not saying that these feelings of wanting to binge ever go away. Sadly, they will always be there to return. But you have the choice, you are in the driving seat. Want to feel good about yourself? Then get cracking!, Plan you week, check your whereabouts, post all your meals on the Facebook Group so you know everyone can see what you are eating. No secret eating or hiding. I’m rambling now, but I hope you catch my drift. Savvy?!

VENT – 29th March 2014

Who is coming to Vent? Stacey and I are selling tickets on the cheap! Normally £45, purchase from one of us and they are £38. It’s being held in Stevenage. Please let me know if you would like to join us. Top International Presenters will be teaching. It will be a fun, inspiring day. Class timetable is below:

On 7th June Rachel Holmes is running a Kick Start Fat Loss Lifestyle Day. This is for everyone interested in health, fitness, wellness, positivity and living the best possible life. More information is available on the website. Below is a link that you will need to copy and paste into your browser. You can book online there too!! Please let me know if you are going along. I will be going so it would be a lovely KSFL day out together.

7 day sugar elimination challenge is on!
I am throwing down the gauntlet and I challenge you to eat no sugar for 7 days. Can you survive? It’s only 7 days!! To sign up it is only £27. Each day I will contact you via the Facebook group and I will also send you a little email to keep you motivated and focused. When you sign up to the challenge I will email you a link. Please copy and paste this link into your web browser. If you click it it will not work properly for you. You will need to register via this link. This will give you daily exercises to do from the comfort of your own home. The workouts are only 10 mins long. The exercise sessions are designed for all fitness levels. So if you are a beginner, please complete the HIIT Lite workouts. Interested? Email me or text 07736309921 ONLY £27

That’s it for this week folks.
Eat clean and train smart!

See you in class
Sind xxx

7 days online KSFL Programme – Book today!!

The next KSFL 7 day online programme starts 17th March. You can book on NOW! All you need to do is contact me and I will send you all the details on how to book on. Once you are booked on I will email all the information across to you.

I would encourage you to read everything carefully so you are prepared and organised for the 7 days. This will give you plenty of time to get your mindset in the right place. It’s only 7 days and I guarantee if you do everything I say you will get amazing results!

If you would like more information or to book on – contact me today!!

Let’s do this!!

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Fat loss war

Do you ever feel like you are never going to win this endless battle with your weight loss? You go on a diet with all good intensions and because it is all shinny and new the results at the very beginning are great. You feel wonderful, inspired and ready to rock and roll!! But then, after doing so well you reward your hard work with a treat. Then you get back on it again on Monday. Then more results. GREAT! Then the scales tell you, that you haven’t lost any weight this week. HUMPH! L This is unacceptable; you feel cheated and think ‘well sod it then!’ Then you give up!

My question to you is why? Why give up? Imagine if you kept on going. The scales do not give you the full story. Speaking from experience. I used to hop onto the scales every morning (in the buff) religiously. I became obsessed. I never measured myself. Even though I felt awesome in my clothes, the scales made me feel like I should weigh less. This is not a healthy way of thinking and can leave you feeling miserable and deflated.

Each week I encourage my clients to measure themselves and take photos of themselves in the same clothing, at the same time and day of the week. The pictures are taken from the front, side profile and the back. I believe that each of us see our bodies differently.

Don’t give up on yourself. If you truly want to achieve a goal of fitting into a pair of old jeans or you have a wedding/birthday/celebration/holiday whatever coming up or you just want a better quality of life and feel healthier then make that commitment to yourself. Don’t be fooled, we are not all saints and we will fall off the wagon. That’s okay!! We need to do this. It will keep us sane and stop us from feeling deprived. But be sensible. Always keep your goals in sight.

Ditch the processed food, buy a slow cooker, get organised, feel better and learn to love yourself.

If you would like more information on the Kick Start Far Loss Clubs that I run in Banbury please have a look at my website and Facebook page. You can also follow me on Twitter and instagram. I Tweet about health and nutrition and give top tips to guide you through the day.

Eat clean and train smart

Sind Matthews

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