Do you need help to be motivated?

Morning! How are you all today?
Do you ever have those days where you let yourself go? You go out for a night on the town with friends. You let your hair down, have a few drinks then hunger strikes!! All you want is curry, Chinese or some other form of junk food? At the time the food seems like a wonderful idea as it soaks up the booze.
The next day! BOOM!! Your high mood drops like a stone because you walk into the kitchen and see the empty take away containers, The guilt is just unbearable. The negative chat in you head begins! Why did I allow myself to do that. Urgh!! I shouldn’t have done that! I feel fat, I am ugly, I hate what I see in the mirror! Is this you?
Then STOP it right NOW!! You are human, these things happen. Get over it and move on. Life is not about beating yourself up. If you do this you just stress yourself out which will cause you to hold onto the body fat. So do yourself a massive favour and just let it go already! Today is a brand new day!
Make a decision to eat good clean food. Write down what meals you intend to eat for the next 7 days, write your shopping lists. Stick to it. Drink mineral water and herb teas. Knowing that you are back on it and feeding yourself good food will help feed yourself positive thoughts. You must have the rough to get to the smooth groove. Are you hearing me people?
Learn to love yourself. Life is good! be grateful for everything and everyone in your life. Especially you!!
Peace out!

Posted on: February 1, 2014, by : Sindy Matthews

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